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Help if you can

Okay, here's the e-mail I'm sending out for donations. Obviously I'll conform it when I send out the hard copies. My best friend is doing it with me, which is fabulous!! See her info. on her page

Dear Friends & Family:

You may want to sit down for this one. I am training to run a 26.2 mile marathon. Um, yes, you can re-read that last sentence, especially those of you who know my love for naps and the pre-child days when I could sleep in on Saturdays until noon. (Not that I would trade her, mind you.) In any event, itís true - Iím running in the Nike Womenís Marathon in October that benefits The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in order to help people that have various blood cancers and to help their families. I have started my training and as I sit here writing this, I have my legs up and my feet wrapped in ice. Sadly, Iím not just being witty, although some of you will undoubtedly find it humorous.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is helping make this possible through their Team in Training program. I have a coach, training regimen, a great group of runners who offer plenty of support and a six year old who trudges ahead or behind me on her bike during most of my runs. At the end of one of my most recent runs, she actually asked, "Can we go just one more mile?" I can just imagine the look on my face when I gasped out, "No!"

On a more serious note, as I plod my way through each 26.2 (you canít forget the .2) MILES, my greatest inspiration is undoubtedly Anna Jane, a local four year old that I have had the privilege of knowing for the past year and my own special hero for the marathon. And I can assure you, she IS a hero. I can tell you her sad story, and it is undoubtedly heartbreaking, but I can also tell you about what an inspiration, a fighter and a miracle she is. Anna was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma when she was two years old. She has undergone two liver transplants and more rounds of chemotherapy and various additional surgeries than I can even fathom. Recently, following her last surgery, the doctors told her parents that the cancer had spread further and there was nothing more that could be done. Her family has now shifted their focus from a cure to quality of life - and it is the most heart-wrenching things I have seen.

Now let me also tell you that Anna is an absolute joy with a beautiful smile, a never ending love for Dora the Explorer, does a stellar lip-synch/dance to "Shake Your Tail Feathers," and who recently busted her Mom eating her Easter candy. She is funny and adorable and full of life and in between the chemo and the surgeries, she is so happy and so positive that it is hard sometimes to remember that she is dying. But the reminders always return. I can tell you how much this little girl has inspired me in the past year, that she has literally changed my entire perspective. I can tell you how her familyís faith has left me in awe over and over again. But I could never describe it adequately. Hearing Annaís complacent acceptance is as admirable as it is horrifying. After her last round of chemo, she told her Dad, "I donít know why Iím so sick." When he explained again about the chemo making someone sick afterward, she said, "I wonder when I wonít be sick anymore. Probably when I die."

You can see Anna on the informational video for Allyís House, an organization founded to help kids with cancer and their families. Go to and follow the links to watch the new informational video. Anna is featured three times - sheís the little cutie with the OU cheerleader uniform and it ends with that beautiful smile after the credits. Annaís Mom told me recently that they were honored to have me run for Anna, but I assured her and can assure you that I am the honored one.

However, running for Anna, completing this marathon, helping a cause for which Anna has made me so passionate is all just a pipe dream without your help. The purpose of the Nike Womenís Marathon is to raise awareness and money to help families affected by cancer. My commitment to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and to Anna is to raise $4,000. Maybe youíd like to re-read that last sentence, too. Yes, $4,000. I cannot do that without your help. If I do not meet that goal, I cannot participate in the marathon and I cannot run in honor of Anna. Would you please help me in this effort by making a completely tax-deductible donation to make one part of my challenge a little easier? The groaning and sweating Iíll do my myself!! You can demonstrate your support, or disbelief, with a check or money order made out to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society sent to me at *****. Or donate online by going to and follow the link entitled "Donate to the Cause" - this will take you to a safe and secure website where you can make your donation online. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible and you will be doing your part to help a lot of people and honor Annaís perseverance, strength and struggles. Any amount will help me reach this goal and each donation will add up to raising the money that we need.

Thanks in advance for your support. The link above is my blog on which I am chronicling my progress throughout training. Feel free to follow along over the next several months and we will do this together.



WHY I RUN ....

I run because this week a surgeon told 4-year-old Annaís parents that itís time to focus on quality of life, rather than a cure.

I run because while Iím struggling to increase my mileage or cut my time, someone else is struggling to live.

I run because no one in my family has ever died from cancer.

I run because that streak should never break.

I run because children should hope against hope for a puppy, not a cure.

I run because Iíve been blessed with good health.

I run because when I cross that finish line in victory, someone else will be finishing their last round of treatment or be entering remission.

I run because parents shouldnít have to stop experimental treatments because their 12-year-old daughter is in too much pain.

I run because mothers shouldnít have to bury babies.

I run because of the pride in my daughterís eyes when we complete a long run.

I run because Anna motivates me, now and always.

I run so maybe Iíll motivate someone else.

I run because my daughter loves me and I donít want her to lose her parent to a terminal illness.

I run because I love my daughter and I never want her to have a terminal illness.

I run because children should spend more time outdoors and not in hospitals.

I run because I can.

I run because someday Anna wonít be able.

I run because I must.

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